Meet Sharon Goldman…queen of the hyphenated title: B2B content consultant-copywriter, journalist, moonlighting singer-songwritercreative blogger

I have learned what B2B marketers want and need. For five years, I served as a top editor and writer for several leading B2B marketing industry publications — I delved deeply into everything from CRM, analytics, loyalty marketing, social media, mobile, e-mail, direct marketing and retail. Before that, I spent another decade writing about B2B across a variety of verticals and even won an industry award for my B2B reporting (ASPBE’s Grand Neal Award). In recent years I’ve worked with dozens of SaaS technology companies on a wide range of content. That means YOU know you’re working with someone who “gets” your B2B space. 

I know how to speak to your company executives and clients. I have interviewed C-suite executives and ghostwritten for top Subject Matter Experts. I have spoken to CEOs early in the morning and late at night to catch them as they get off a plane. I have interviewed tight-lipped clients and long-winded, jargon-filled consultants. I’ve juggled phone calls on trains and typed notes in the back seat of my car. That means YOU can relax and count on me to get the information for your successful content. 

I write content that pops — and gets results. I’ve spent the past two decades honing my content “packaging” skills: The stand-out headline, the perfect summary, the can’t-miss sidebar, the cover title, the pull-out quote. I’ve worked with leading consumer magazines, B2B publications, newspapers, websites, publishers and corporate clients — and now I’m putting those skills to work for B2B content marketers. That means YOU can be certain your content gets attention from the right audience, with the best results. 

I am a nice, friendly mix of creative, personable and reliable. Some people are creative types. Others are friendly and easy to get along with, while there are those who are the reliable, dependable kind. I am all of the above. Hey, I play the guitar and write songs in my spare time — creative. I smile a lot — friendly. I hate being late for anything –reliable. That means YOU get a partner who brings a positive spirit of success to your content marketing efforts. 

What About You

Enough about me…what about you? What are your needs when it comes to B2B content marketing? What do you wish you could do, or hope to do better?

I would love to find out…let’s talk!