I help B2B marketers plan and create successful content.

Whether it is the earliest stages of developing an editorial calendar; determining what content needs must be filled in the coming quarter; or developing the right content pieces from soup to nuts to match specific objectives, I can help you meet your content marketing needs.

A few programs I offer to help you reach your content goals: 

1. Content Planning and Writing: Do you need help planning your content development and seeing it through — from idea to outline to first draft to final copy? Whether it’s a newsletter, a white paper, a case study, a ghostwritten column or an ongoing blog, I can work with you to keep your content development running smoothly from start to finish.

2. Content Consulting: Are you trying to get a content marketing program off the ground? Want to educate your team about the power of content and how to jump-start a coordinated effort? I can help you determine your content goals; advise you on a wide variety of content types that would meet your objectives; and guide you through the planning stages towards developing a robust, ongoing content effort.

3. White Papers and Special Reports: Do you have ideas for white papers and special reports that you don’t have the manpower to implement? I can develop solid outlines from your initial ideas and take them through the entire writing, editing, designing and proofreading process.

4. Case Study Development and Writing: Great case studies don’t write themselves — they require a well-thought-out plan, client buy-in, an approved outline, an extensive interview and several approved drafts. From soup to nuts, I can help develop, write and edit your most important case studies.

5. Subject Matter Expert Ghostwriting: Do you have talented executives who could contribute to great content? Do you need help reaching out to them and getting their great words onto the page? Whether it’s a blog post, magazine article, downloadable white paper or e-book, I can work with your executive team of Subject Matter Experts to develop stand-out content that generates leads and nurtures prospects.

6. Blogging/social media: You have so much on your plate — so blog posts, Facebook updates, Twitter links, LinkedIn messages and the like can be just one more piece of the content puzzle that weighs you down. No more — let’s talk about how I can help make your social media-based content a successful part of your content marketing mix.

Maybe you have content needs not reflected on the above list? No problem! Let's talk!